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In order for Community Based development groups to realize holistic development, empowerment and critical thinking among its members is a critical ingredient in their training and nurturing process.
This factor was largely ignored by development actors in Gusii-land in mid 1990s and its result was worsening poverty levels, marginalization of the poor and disadvantaged, desolation and hopelessness among its members.
The groups, most of them women and youth groups lacked the analytical capacity to think through issues, challenge them and come up with sustainable solutions. They also lacked the facilitative structures that would initiate collaborative efforts and linkages which would assist them come out of their de-humanizing and marginalized state.

Consequently, the groups in consultation with professionals from the community resolved to form an organization which would assist them meet the above challenges. The organization would be formed on beliefs and values that are pro-poor and the marginalized in society.
It would also encourage its members to adopt a critical approach to issues which would not only lead to an understanding of those problems but also to come up with home-grown solutions to such problems.
This thinking is what gave birth to the formation of Massaba Rural Development Organization.


To facilitate good health, economic and social empowerment through support to health and education programmes, income generating activities, food security, housing and shelter, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, drug abuse.


MRDO envisages affluent rural communities in Kenya able to live a socially and economically empowered life.

we plan on achieving

Maternal And Child Health Care Facilities
Clean Water
Food Security
Social and economic empowerment

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