Jane is a diploma holder in Secretarial, and had done various courses in office general administration and office Management courses. She has worked in various Government and Public institutions of Government, and attended seminars on HIV Counseling, Gender Analysis.
Mrs. O’Maroro is currently serving an office administrator, Coordinator for Volunteer Programs, Women’s issues in organization for MRDO.
In regard to Woman issues, She is coordinating the Dairy Women and Youth Project in Nyamira funded by the Marie Schlei of Germany in partnership with MRDO.
As a volunteer Manager, Mrs O’Maroro has made great efforts, through collaborations, with foreign volunteer organizations partnering with MRDO, and has been able to bring in volunteers to Kenya, who come to serve as volunteers in Hospitals and Children’s Orphanages. Some of the volunteers have changed lives of orphans Kenya, by giving sponsorships to orphans and improvement of the fiscal facilities to the orphanages.
Currently she is working on a volunteer partnership program with Purdue University in the USA on a partnership with MRDO to build a home for the orphans at the place to be identified in Kenya.

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