JULIA MWANGO NYAANGASocial Worker and Office Administrator

    Mrs Julia Mwango Nyaanga holds a diploma course in Secretarial studies and a Diploma In Social Work from Megapeak Training Centre –Nairobi. She boasts of a long experience in which she offered her services in various organisations including the Government of Kenya. She has attended many functions during her working career including the administrative and management functions. Mrs Nyaanga has also attended a numbers of local and international seminars some of which include, Gender Analysis, Resource Mobilization, HIV and Aids and Counseling Skills which she has put into practice in Massaba Rural Development Organisation.

    She has also worked and has vast experience as a business woman who inspires the young upcoming business ladies. She has also played a great role in building the capacity of our members and also takes charge of our mentorship programme.

    Mrs Nyaanga is the Social Worker as well as Office Administrator of our Organisation and she has made tremendous contributions in the management of the organization’s resources.

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