Volunteering is a great way of contributing to the society.

We ensure that our tailor-made volunteer programs are highly affordable,  and that you get high quality placement as you touch the lives of  those in need.

Program fees include

  1. Registration fees – Allocated to cover administrative expenses and contribution to fund logistics, programs, projects and persons.
  2. Airport Transfers arrival/Departure.
  3. Accommodation and meals Nairobi upon arrival, before transfer to project site.
  4. Transportation to project site.
  5. Accommodation and meals in Nairobi prior to departure.
  6. Cost of feeding per week
  7. letter of recommendation and/or certificate of participation after completion of program


Host families are responsible for providing the volunteer breakfast, and dinner all days.  For Lunch in most cases, due to the distance between project site and home, volunteers go along with a lunch pack, of an egg, banana, fruit or any snack that is available, if they so wish, there are local restaurants that serve affordable lunches at a volunteers’ cost.

Drinking Water

Drinking water for our volunteers is an issue we take seriously and make sure that volunteers drink well treated water. Most homes boil drinking water, but while away from their home stay families the volunteers are advised to buy mineral bottled water from supermarkets.


We encourage the volunteers to do their own laundry. Occasionally  the host family might assist you with your laundry, but it is not an obligation. Learn to wash your clothing with your hands. In Africa washing machines are very rare and very few people can afford them.  Clothes are normally hand washed and sun dried.

The program fee does not cover

  1. Transportation to and from your home airport
  2. Air travel cost to Kenya
  3. Holiday to places and events of interest.
  4. Any expenses including transfer from one project to another
  5. Insurance cover.
  6. Any Expenses on meals and drinks outside the homestay.
  7. And Mineral Water
Length of Stay Cost ($) Length of Stay Cost ($)
2 weeks $700 USD 8 weeks(two Months) $1,300 USD
3 weeks $800 USD 10 weeks $1,500 USD
4 weeks(one Month) $900 USD 12 weeks(three Months) $1,800 USD
5 weeks $1,000 USD 16 weeks(four Months) $2,200 USD
6 weeks $1,100 USD 20 weeks(five Months) $2,600 USD
7 weeks $1,200 USD 24 weeks(six Months) $3,000 USD
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